Privacy Policy
1. General
Shareba Inc. (referred to as “We” or “the Company” hereafter) is dedicated to protecting your privacy. The Privacy Policy is developed so that you, as users, may easily understand the way in which we protect your personal information and any related details. The full text of the Privacy Policy is readily accessible to the public at all times, and any changes made to the Privacy Policy would be notified, ensuring that the details and reasons for such changes are fully understood.
2. Information We Receive and/or Collect
2.1 We do not collect or store any personal information about our users, that is any information that could be used to identify you as a person. And since no personal information is collected, then such information cannot be stolen or disclosed to any party by any means.
2.2 We may receive and/or collect other types of information about users via our services, but in a format that cannot be used for personal identification, and any data collected would not be used in any form in identifying individual users. The data that may be collected are as follows
- users' content result images
- users’ content/quiz inputs
2.3.We do not receive or collect any other information from social media providers, such as Facebook or Twitter, except as provided for in Article 2.2. We may show the information that social media service providers directly provide to users’ device, in accordance with social media service features.
3. Collection of Information by Cookie
3.1 Cookies may be used to optimize your experience in using our services. Cookies are small text files of information sent to your browser by the website operating server, which are then stored on your personal computer and retrieved whenever required. Whenever you visit a website, cookies are accessed by the server to ensure that your preferences are maintained for a better serving experience.
3.2 Your browser may be configured to enable or disable cookies as you see fit. Please keep in mind though you may not be able to access some of the services requiring login processes if you choose to disable cookies.
4. Sharing Information with a Third Party
We would never sell, disclose, or distribute users’ service result to a third party in a way in which any of your personal information may be exposed or identified.
5. Third Party Website Links and Features
The Privacy Policy put forth solely covers the privacy practices by Us, and does not cover the privacy practices of third party websites or features that may be linked from Our Website. When linking to another site or using a third party service, any information you provide is subject to that third party’s privacy policy. As we are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices of third parties, we strongly encourage you to review the privacy policies of third party websites prior to providing any personally identifiable information.
6. The Right of User and His/Her Legal Representative
You (or your legal guardian if you were under the age of 14) may review, change or delete your information at will at all times.
7. Protection of Information
In managing data, the Company takes the following precautious measures to prevent any loss, theft, leakage, or falsification of information and to ensure the safety of information:
7.1 Technical Measures
(1)All information is being controlled by the internal network and cannot be accessed or invaded by the external network.
(2)All data is strictly protected through individual security functions such as encrypting a file or data or using lock functions.
(3)All systems and data are protected by antivirus programs, which are updated periodically. If a sudden virus was to appear, a secondary antivirus program would be activated to prevent any possible invasion of information.
(4)Security of all systems and information is further enhanced by installing individual access-control systems in each server.
7.2 Managerial Measures
(1)We have established a standard protocol of procedure for all employees to follow in accessing and managing user information, making sure that all employees understand and conform to the necessary security practices
(2)We limit the number of employees who have access to and can deal with user information, and keep these employees on monitor-watch at all times.
(3)We have internal procedures to ensure the proper implementation of Personal Information Protection Policy, and supervise whether the employees comply with the Policy.
(4)Duties and responsibilities of an employee dealing with user information are transferred to a new employee only under strictly secured and monitored conditions. We clearly stipulate the employees’ responsibility for any disclosure of information after joining the Company and leaving the Company.
8. Modification of Privacy Policy
We have the right to amend or modify the privacy policy as needed, and would notify all users, either through public notices or individual notice via fax or e-mail, and would obtain consent from users if required by relevant laws
9. Person In Charge of Protection of Information